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Cut through the clutter (and confusion) by finding a junk removal service provider who can help. Orlando residents with questions or concerns about junk hauling can always contact Just Move It for information and a free quote.

Stress-Free Junk Removal Services in Orlando

Most people think of the weekly visit from the garbage truck as the only form of junk hauling available. But, in fact, moving companies often offer junk hauling as an add-on service, as many people need to downsize when transitioning to a new residence.

Junk hauling, by definition, describes the process of picking up and removing unwanted items from your home. With the exception of hazardous waste, junk haulers can take just about anything, relieving you of the stress and burden.

What Will a Junk Hauler Take?

Some of the most common items removed by junk hauling include:

  • Furniture: Bulky, heavy, awkward: we understand all the caveats of moving furniture yourself, whether you plan to donate or junk it. Couches, sofas, mattresses, bedframes, bookshelves, dressers, chairs, desks, tables, vanities, and armoires are among the many pieces of furniture we can haul away using our expertise and tools of the moving trade like lifting belts, furniture pads, and dollies.
  • Bulk Items: Wondering what to do with an old hot tub, pool table, shed, or piano you inherited? Oversized, unwanted goods are among the most commonly requested junk hauls.
  • Appliances: Appliance sellers may or may not have the means to haul away an old, broken-down item. If you got a great deal on your new appliance, chances are you’ll be on your own with disposal and making room before the install. We offer fast, flexible pickups for everything from freezers and water heaters to washer/dryers and refrigerators when time is of the essence.
  • Electronics: TVs and computers are notoriously difficult to dispose of. It’s not profitable for sellers to expend energy or space accepting old returns which may or may not have been purchased there in the first place. Older cathode ray tube TVs are not only heavy, but can contain lead, cadmium-based phosphorus, and other toxic heavy metals which can leak out into the soil if the glass breaks. Entrusting old devices to expert hands is a wise decision that not only saves you trouble, but saves the environment, too.
  • Yard Waste and Garbage: Whether you’ve just completed fall or spring cleaning, or you have excess waste after a home renovation project or huge party, you may end up with more trash than your sanitation department will collect. From leaves and shingles to broken windows and red solo cups, junk hauling will take care of it.
  • Everything: Sometimes everything must go. Believe it or not, people occasionally just up and leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. In bankruptcy or foreclosure situations, landlords or banks may end up with an entire house full of junk to haul away. Fortunately, movers know how to get all this unwanted stuff out quickly.

What Can’t Junk Hauling Remove?

You will need to contact a hazardous waste hauler for the following items not typically covered with junk hauling:

  • Ammunition
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Fireworks or other explosives
  • Flammable liquids like fuel, gasoline, oil, kerosene, propane, and paint thinner
  • Household cleaners for the drain, oven, floor, or countertops
  • Mercury-containing items like fluorescent bulbs or thermometers
  • Paint
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical waste
  • Pesticides, fertilizer, rodent killer, herbicides, or pool chemicals
  • Radioactive waste
  • Vehicle care items like antifreeze, brake fluid, motor oil, or radiator cleaner

Where Do Haulers Take My Junk?

Responsible junk hauling involves an earth-friendly approach. Once your junk is hauled off-premises, we’ll ensure all materials that can be recycled or donated end up in the proper place. Any goods that are deemed unusable will be taken to the local dump. Local partnerships make this process seamless for us and worry-free for you.

How Much Does Junk Hauling Cost?

Since no two jobs are exactly alike, we’ll need to ask you a few questions about the junk you need hauled. Typically, someone will come out to your home and appraise the situation before we provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. If you still want the items removed, we’ll schedule a pickup date and time, taking care to only remove the itemized goods and clean up any debris created in the process. We take payment upon your satisfaction with our service. It’s just that easy!

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