How to Move Fast after Selling Your Orlando Home

How to Move Fast after Selling Your House

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to sell your home and upgrade to a new one. Making the sale may seem like the biggest hurdle to climb, but there’s still plenty of work to do.

If you’re purchasing a new home, you might need the money from the sale to make the purchase. This leaves you in a difficult position when the new homeowners have already signed on the dotted line. The home that was yours yesterday belongs to someone else today, and you need somewhere to put your belongings (and yourself) until the sale on your new home is final. The key to moving quickly comes with careful planning before the sale is made. Use these tips to move out fast after your house sells.

Use Temporary Storage

Over the years you’ve lived in your home, you’ve likely collected a lot of belongings. You can probably get by without certain luxuries while you’re in the process of moving. These are the items you’ll want to put in storage before the house is sold.

If you’re moving to a place nearby, finding a local storage company can mean having half the work done early. If your move is long-distance, your items can be shipped or taken by the moving company to a storage facility in the area you will reside.

Pack Early

Preparation is your best friend when planning for a quick move. Packing isn’t easy, and doing it properly takes plenty of time. When your home sells, moving packed boxes will give you a head start on the moving process. Packing in stages is a great way to determine what necessities you will actually need on hand within the first hours and days you are in your new home. Other things can be carefully packed weeks or even months before moving day.

Coordinate with the Buyers

Buying a home is a multi-step process. As you work through the steps of selling your home, learn about the moving plans of the buyers. The ability to match your plans with the plans of your buyers could win you some extra moving time. Relocating is a major process for anyone. Your buyers will have their own needs regarding the placement of their belongings. Gathering all of the information early is a good way to make the transition run smoothly for both parties.

Keep Movers in the Loop

  • A customized plan for your unique situation and budget
  • Employees to help you pack
  • Temporary storage plans for long-distance moves
  • Long distance plans for nationwide or even international moves

Creating a custom plan with your moving company and notifying them of any changes along the way can keep your packing/moving plan right on track no matter what situations arise.

Choosing a moving company early will give you the opportunity to have help ready when you need it. A dependable moving company can give you a quote, information regarding special resources they offer, and advice about planning your move. Moving companies have experience and may offer resources that mean less work for you. Some moving companies may provide special services including:

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Consider an Interim Home

An interim place is a temporary home in between the sale of your home and the purchase of a new one. Since there are so many factors that go into a home sale, timing the sale of one home with the purchase of another can be impossible. Finding temporary housing may be your best solution. When searching for affordable interim housing there are a few different options to consider, including:

  • An off-season vacation home
  • Rental of an empty home that is for sale
  • Arrange a short-term lease in an apartment community
  • Make arrangements with your buyers to stay in your original home until they are prepared to move in
  • Look for extended stay hotel suites

Moving is a huge undertaking, and a rushed situation can make the trip more difficult. Hiring a professional team of movers is the best way to ensure the proper packaging and transport of your belongings for a smooth transition.

Leave Your Move to the Professionals!

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