Slash Your Moving Expenses with These 7 Frugal Tips

frugal moving tips

It’s no secret that moving from one home to another can cost you a sizeable amount of money — especially when you’re footing the entire bill. Learn how you can slash your moving expenses with the seven frugal tips listed below. Save on your moving costs and leave more money in your pocket the next time you move.

Gather Recycled Packing Materials 

Purchasing new packing materials for your next move can quickly add up. Gather up recycled items, such as cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and newsprint from a few of your local stores. You can also save the shredded paper from your personal document shredder to pack breakable items.

Rent a Moving Truck 

Renting a moving truck that you drive is much more cost-effective than hiring a big moving van company that transports your household goods for you. If you’re wavering between a smaller truck versus a larger one, choose the bigger truck. It’s always better to have a little more room than you need rather than ending up having to rent two trucks.

Utilize Credit Card Perks 

Save up points earned on your credit cards to use on money-saving perks when you get ready to move. For example, use your accumulated points for moving-related items, such as moving and packing supplies from Amazon. The more points you have, the more money you can save when you move.

Round Up a Few Friends 

Instead of hiring individuals to load your moving truck, choose a much less expensive choice of asking a few reliable friends to help you. The more friends that show up, the less time it will take to load your household belongings onto a moving truck. Treat your friends to pizza after the truck is loaded as a nice gesture of your appreciation.

Start Traveling Early in the Day for a Long Distance Move

Starting on your move late in the day can equal more nights in a hotel. Load your moving truck the day before you’re planning to hit the road. Beginning your moving travels early in the day gives you a fresh start and saves the cost of unnecessary hotel stays.

Set Up Your Kitchen First 

One thing that can take a big bite out of your budget is eating takeout and restaurant food for several days. You can boost your nutrition and save tons of money by quickly setting up your kitchen and stocking your refrigerator in your new home. Cook large, healthy quantities so you have lots of leftovers with minimum cook time as you get your new house in order.

Coordinate Your Housing Dates 

Avoid the hefty costs of moving your household goods to a storage unit between homes by coordinating the move-out and move-in dates. For example, if you have a few days, weeks, or even months between the closing dates of your old home and new house, you may be forced to rent housing and a storage unit for your household items, as well as pay for two separate moves.

Moving to a new home typically entails a variety of expenses. However, as you learned in the above paragraphs, you can significantly trim the costs of relocating to a new home. Follow all seven of the suggested frugal moving tips to significantly reduce the costs of your next move.   


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