Move Out Carpet Cleaning: 9 Tips to Keep Your Security Deposit

Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have lived in the same apartment for years or moved around every couple of months, caring for the space with which you have been entrusted is important. Without an ownership stake in the property, it is easy to let things slide, but taking that attitude could be bad for your wallet and your future rental prospects.

9 Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you want to leave your apartment in pristine condition and leave your landlord happy, cleaning the carpets is a good place to start. The right carpet cleaning can help you keep your security deposit so you can move on to your next apartment with a clean slate and a full wallet. Here are nine simple move out carpet cleaning hacks that can save your security deposit and your sanity.

1. Move your belongings first.

You are moving out anyway, so do not let your personal possessions get in the way. Clear them out now, before you start cleaning the carpets.

2. Start with obvious stains.

If you can see stains and discoloration, so can your landlord. Tackle those obvious difficulties first, and then move on to a more thorough cleaning.

3. Make your own cleansers.

You do not have to spend a fortune on expensive carpet cleaners, not when you have the supplies you need in your pantry. When you clean out the fridge, save that box of baking soda; you can use it for spot removal on the carpets.

4. Work on one room at a time.

You do not have to tackle the entire apartment at once; just start with the most difficult room and work from there.

5. Move furniture to the center of each room.

Stains and carpet discolorations can hide under sofas and behind bookcases, so move the furniture before you get started.   

6. Vacuum thoroughly.

Now that the furniture has been moved, you and your vacuum cleaner have a clear path. You will be surprised at how much hidden dirt the vacuum can remove, and that makes your carpet cleaning task a lot easier.

7. Focus on the edges.

It is easy to overlook the edges of the room, but your landlord is sure to notice any deficiencies. Make sure the entire carpet, from one corner to the other, is thoroughly cleaned.

8. Clean throw rugs and area rugs outdoors.

Unless it is raining, take area rugs, throw rugs and other small carpets outside to air out, then clean them thoroughly before bringing them back inside.

9. Invest in a DIY deep cleaning if you need to.

Even if a professional cleaning is not in your budget, you can still rent a steam cleaner and do the work yourself. This finishing touch will leave the carpets sparkling so you can move out with your security deposit in hand.

The security deposit you provided when you moved into your apartment was there to protect the landlord, but now it is time to reclaim that money. If you want to move on to your next adventure with that money in your pocket, you need to plan ahead and clean every room thoroughly. The nine move out carpet cleaning tips listed above can help you get your security deposit back and give your landlord something to smile about.

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