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Your 9 Point Checklist for Moving into an Apartment

Your 9 Point Checklist for Moving into an Apartment

Moving to a new apartment is a process that can be smooth or rocky depending upon your degree of preparation. By taking a little time to outline a plan, you can eliminate hassles and reduce your moving costs. Below is a nine-point checklist to help you organize your move, save money, and protect your belongings during the apartment moving process.

1. Carefully select your moving date. 

You can save substantial money, time, and hassle by strategically choosing your moving date. For instance, try to avoid moving during the summer and the beginning of the month when many people are moving and the start of the month, when moving fees are higher.

2. Provide your movers with relevant details about your new location when you request a quote. 

The accuracy of your moving quote depends on your ability to provide key details that can affect labor hours and required resources. Make sure movers are aware of the floor that you will be living on and whether there will be an elevator available to accommodate large furnishings.

3. Consider having a yard sale prior to your move to get rid of any unwanted items.

You can cut down on moving costs by eliminating any items that you no longer need prior to your move. You will expedite the moving process by reducing your total number of items to be moved and will generate money that can be applied to your moving costs.

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4. Schedule an onsite visit with your moving company.

Setting up an onsite visit with a moving company before you officially enlist their services is the best way to obtain an accurate quote. Movers will be able to assess your property and determine the number of trucks, laborers, and hours that will be required to safely relocate your valuables. At Just Move It, we understand time may not permit an onsite visit. We now offer virtual moving estimates in the Orlando area. 

5. Secure care arrangements for children and pets in advance of your move.

The moving process can be stressful and dangerous for pets and children who can wander into the path of movers carrying heavy furniture. If possible, arrange for pets and children to spend the moving day with a friend or family member to ensure their safety.

6. Check with your apartment manager about restrictions and guidelines for movers.

Many apartment complexes have strict guidelines that residents must follow during the moving process. For instance, your property manager can let you know if there are elevators earmarked for movers or whether there are any times during the day that moving is not permitted.

7. Make sure you have the proper coolers if you plan to transfer any refrigerated items.

Prior to your move, be sure to properly discard any food that you do not plan to transfer to your new home. Invest in plenty of ice and coolers to preserve items you wish to take with you.

8. Gather plenty of boxes and packing material.

Securing free or low-cost boxes and moving supplies in advance will help you save time and money during the moving process. You will need an assortment of box sizes, plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap, and packaging tape. Are you in a last minute crunch? No problem, Just Move It offers packing supplies at a reasonable cost. You can contact us here.

9. Determine whether you need assistance with packing and unpacking your belongings.

Many full-service moving companies offer packing and unloading as optional services to consider. If you lack strength or packing experience, it is a good idea to enlist the help of your movers with the packaging process. If you’re moving in the Orlando area, contact Just Move for packing services.

By following the nine steps above, you can help ensure that your transition to your new condo or apartment is a smooth one. With a little advance planning, you can reduce your moving expenses and increase the likelihood that your valuables will arrive safely at your new home.

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