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For some, the most stressful part of moving is the packing. Just Move It Orlando packing services take the burden off your shoulders with expert boxing that ensures an efficient transition to your new home. We understand that packing for a move is a very personal experience, which is why our flexible services include minimal assistance packages, as well as packages that essentially do it all for you, depending on your needs and preference.

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Full Packing Services

A full packing service provides all the boxes and packing materials you need to safely transport all of your goods from one location to another, without damage. You can set aside specific heirlooms or personal items to bring on your person, but generally everything in the home will be packaged up and ready to go. Furniture that requires disassembly will be taken apart as necessary for transport. All items and boxes will be sufficiently inventoried to make unpacking a breeze. The cost is highest, as can be expected, but the amount you save in time, hassle, and packing materials is worthwhile. Packing is not only done quickly with a team of professional movers, but the company assumes liability for breakage, which is a guarantee you wouldn’t receive if you were packing up yourself.


Partial Packing Services

A partial packing service allows you the freedom to box up most of your personal belongings yourself, but lends assistance where it is needed – whether it’s a large piece of furniture requiring disassembly or white glove packing service for select specialty items. Expert packing materials and boxes will be provided for the specified specialty items only.


Owner Packing

We bring the trucks and the manpower, but you are in charge of your personal belongings with the owner packing option. This is the most affordable way to move, but all professional packing materials must be procured on your own, out-of-pocket, should you need them. Owner-packed items do not receive the same top-level protections as professionally packed goods, so you assume some liability for damage, as described in the contract.


Unpacking Services

With a standard move, all your boxes and pieces of furniture are loaded off the moving trucks and taken to the rooms where they will be unpacked by the customer. If you choose our unpacking service, we will also fully unpack your household goods and reassemble furniture. As with our other packing services, you may opt to unpack most belongings yourself, hiring us for just a few specialty items or pieces of furniture that need extra TLC.


Personalized Orlando Packing Services

When you choose Just Move It, a local veteran-owned business, you receive fast, friendly, reliable service at fair rates you can afford. Our organized team will see you through packing and moving, so you needn’t hire more than one provider. We train our team on techniques that minimize breakage, expedite unpacking, and fit more goods per truck or POD. The cost of packing and unpacking depends upon several factors – such as time, weight, size, shape, and extra supplies needed. Therefore, a personalized quote is the only realistic way to determine how much packing services in Orlando will cost you. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs and get a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to it.

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