What to Look for in Your Orlando Moving Company

Moving everything you own into a new home is a huge project — one that often requires extra helping hands to get the job done. You may need movers to relocate your heaviest and most fragile items. Or you might simply want professional help moving everything quickly and effectively into your new space. Either way, it is important to make a thoughtful decision about which movers to hire to protect your belongings (and your sanity!) Many names come up when searching for a moving company in Orlando, FL, but the best movers will meet the following specific criteria necessary to deliver stand-out service.

Is the moving company insured?

Insurance should be one of your first concerns in hiring a moving company. Full licensing and insurance means the company can pay to replace any lost or damaged items. Insurance also covers damage made to either property during the move. One would hope damage will not be an issue during the move, but ensuring the coverage can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the event of an accident.

Do the movers provide accurate estimates?

In addition, the moving company should provide you with a firm, up-front estimate for the move in writing. Companies typically charge by the number of men, the number of trucks, and the hours it takes to complete the move.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult for a moving company to properly estimate this based on a cursory review of your belongings or a simple phone conversation, but the company should provide you with a solid hourly rate and a close estimate for how many hours it will take the team to move your belongings.

You may consider asking for a maximum total cost to be included on the estimate for your protection as well.

Does the moving firm take inventory of your belongings?

Price often boils down to the weight of your items and the amount of space they take up in the truck. To ensure a fair and accurate estimate, a reputable moving company will take a full inventory of your belongings. Taking inventory is a step taken by diligent movers who care that all of your cherished possessions make it from Point A to Point B. Responsible movers will also note any pre-existing damage to the property you’re leaving, which gives you added protection from buyers or landlords who may want to gouge you for extra money at the last minute.

Are the reviews on third-party sites largely positive?

A final point to consider when selecting a moving company to hire is the reviews from other consumers. Pay attention to factors such as promptness, timeliness, reliability, if items were damaged or lost, and how friendly the service is. One bad review should not sway your opinion, but a series of bad reviews that say roughly the same thing may be a strong indicator of the type of experience that you may also have if you choose that company.

The Bottom Line:

The moving company that you hire will be instrumental in helping you enjoy a smooth, easy transition into your new space, so you do not want to make a hasty decision. Instead, take time to carefully review the options and to get complete, accurate quotes for all fees and charges. This will help you to get the best deal with the right moving company.

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